Terroir de Tour Prignac

The Terroir

A precious mosaic


Finesse and elegance

Blessed with exceptional natural attributes, the densely planted Tour Prignac vineyard (7200 vines per hectare) spreads over 144 hectares. Exclusively dedicated to red grape varieties, the unique, almost wild character of the terroir is a result of the quality of the soils. Its hillocks and plateaus form a complex terroir. Made up for the most part of clay-rich soils providing the perfect conditions for Merlot, the rest of the terroir is composed of clay-limestone soils planted with Cabernet Sauvignon.

This clay-limestone soil is exemplified by a 17 hectare plot dubbed “La Colline” (The Hill), replanted in the year 2000. Here, the Cabernet Sauvignon ripens to perfection. The property’s extraordinary mosaic of terroirs is reflected in its range of wines, remarkable for their consistent elegance on the palette.

Des roches aux pieds des vignes
With an overall surface area of 300 hectares, with 144 of these dedicated to wine production, Château Tour Prignac is planted with red varietals. The vineyard is planted with 42% Merlot and 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, with Petit Verdot making up the remaining 3% of the surface.
Le muret

Like an invitation to reverie, Château Tour Prignac gleans its singular character from its immense size and the richness of its biodiversity. With 156 hectares left unplanted, flora and fauna are left to flourish in a haven of green. 4 hectares are planted with wild flowers, accommodating beehives, while several kilometres of hedges have been planted in order to encourage the development of biodiversity.

Logo : Terra Vitis

In the vines, chemical weedkillers have been abandoned in favour of grass covers and soil tillage. In recognition of the work carried out at the property, Château Tour Prignac has been certified Terra Vitis since 2012. Today, the château continues to invest in the preservation of its natural heritage: an ambitious reforestation project, on the lands that separate the château from the commune of Lesparre, is ongoing.

Les champs de la Tour Prignac
Tour Prignac château engraving


Les cuves inox de la Tour Prignac

The quality of the terroir is but one factor contributing to the continued quality of Chateau Tour Prignac’s wines. Another is the consistent attention paid to excellence in the winery.

Thermo-regulated stainless steel vats facilitate an approach based on precision, with the utmost respect for the grape varieties and the terroir that shapes them.

Each year, the barrel cellar is renewed by a third, with barrels sourced from the region’s finest cooperages. As such, the property’s wines are aged for a period of 10 – 14 months in rigorously selected French oak. With the support of renowned Bordeaux winemaking consultant Alain Raynaud, the richness and complexity of the property’s terroir is replicated on the palette.

Les bariques